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Seafood Cabin's Coco makes the news

26 September 2016 at 13:08


"Kintyre seafood restaurant has unique dining companion for guests… a deer that thinks she’s a collie."

The Sunday Post newspaper recently wrote a feature on Skipness Seafood Cabin (a member of The Seafood Trail) and Coco, their resident deer.

The article by Ross Crae said "VISITORS to a seafood restaurant in Kintyre have been met with a surprise dining companion – Coco the tame red deer.

The adopted fawn was taken in and raised by staff at the Skipness Seafood Cabin, joining a whole collection of animals including dogs, sheep, geese and ducks. The pets wander freely around the picnic benches as customers eat their meals and take in the view of the nearby castle and across the water to Arran."

We're trying to make sure all of this publicity doesn't go to Coco's head - but you can read the full article here>

Source of quote above: The Sunday Post