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Recipe: Salmon and Chanterelles

05 August 2016 at 09:38


Salmon and witch, cucumber, beans and herbs. I love the combination of different colours and textures of fish and I am afraid I am retro enough to love cream sauces! This is a real summer treat with crunchy cucumber and broad beans from the garden and chanterelles from the hills. A very seasonal dish.


About 600g mixed fish - salmon, witch, sole etc - skinned and cut into slices across the grain.
50g butter
100g Chanterelles trimmed and sliced
1 chilli seeded and chopped finely
1/3rd cucumber cut into three 4cm barrels and then quartered lengthwise, remove the seeds and cut in half lengthwise -  you will have cucumber batons!
100g broad beans
3 tblsp dry vermouth
100 mls double cream
1 tblsp chopped fennel, or whatever herb you have fresh to hand – dill, parsley, basil, marjoram.


  1. Take a large pan and fry the chanterelles in the butter for a few minutes add the chopped chilli, remove from pan and set aside.
  2. Lower the heat and add the fish pieces spread over the base, pour over the vermouth and cover allow to cook gently for a few minutes until the fish is just cooked, carefully remove from the pan
  3. Add the cucumber and broad beans bring to a simmer, pour on the cream and continue to simmer, gently return all the cooked ingredients taking care not to break up the fish, and stir in the herbs. Check for seasoning and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice.

You can also add potatoes to make an all in one fricassee, but above all take care not to overcook the fish, remember it will cook a bit more when you return it to the dish


Recipe by Christopher Trotter
Food photography by Caroline Trotter